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Payment Methods

Paying by visa card:                                                          

You can only send your visa card info by printing this form, filling and faxing it to number +963-11-6240851
we apologize for not accepting any other type of credit sent by fax for local reasons.

For Our dear customers who will visit our branch in Damascus Syria, we do accept other credit types such master card, American express, and Diners club.

Paying by Wire transfer:

You can send a wire transfer for our bank.

We will provide you with account info in the confirmation email.


When sending a wire please refer to your bank and make sure we got the amount net.

Can I send money by mail?

It’s not recommended to send cash money by mail.

Mail could encounter problems out of our order lost, delayed and there is no guarantee that we will receive it.

Can I pay in cash and get sweets through out your authorized dealers

Yes you can, please refer to contact us

Which Method guarantee a quick order

Credit card is the fastest way to do so, while sending a wire will delay your order because we can’t send sweets until we get the money, which will last a couple of days.